Creative Plan For Instagram




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What do you get?

  • POSTS CREATIVES: beautiful custom-tailored static creatives in photo format best suited for Instagram posts.
  • STORY CREATIVES: beautiful custom-tailored static creatives in gif format best suited for Instagram stories.


What are the steps?

We try our best to make this journey for you as simple and as vibrant as possible. Our steps are simple to follow.

Once you have made a purchase, we will send you a questionnaire within 24 hours which will help us understand your requirements better.

It is something that you have to fill up and respond with. You can take your time with it.
Once we get the answers we are looking for, we provide you with the Strategies and create a design style for you.

After your input, we deliver you the creatives throughout the month, as requested by you.

What is account management?

  • In this service, we will post content on your behalf regularly.
    we will research the best hashtags for your business and use them in
    the posts.
  • In account management service, we will provide you with an account on
    our partner’s website which you can check and see which content is
    scheduled for which date.

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